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About Carolyn Pells - Artist

Carolyn Pells is a multimedia, international artist with over 40 years of experience. Her work has been described as energetic, imaginative, harmonious, creative, versatile and fun.

An award winning artist, with professional and peer recognition, her disciplines include painting; sculpture; illustration; display and exhibit design and installation; and festival, costume and parade arts. Her prolific career has also included advertising, marketing, promotions and sales.

Carolyn’s work has been displayed in museums, private galleries, exhibit centers (local and national), and international banks and financial institutions in the United States and the Caribbean. Notably, Carolyn received a commission from the Honorable Edward Seaga, Prime Minister of Jamaica to produce sculptures for display in the Jamaican Archives as part of the island’s cultural preservation efforts.

Her illustrations have appeared in magazines, newspapers and books. She also created and successfully self-published two children's coloring books for the British Caribbean market: The Caribbean Colouring Book and The Cayman Islands Colouring Book.

As a freelance artist, Carolyn’s work included projects for local, national and international companies such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Welch’s, Canada Dry, Sunkist, Nabisco, the United States Navy, the Cayman Islands Government, the Jamaican Government, Cadbury Jamaica Ltd, Kaiser Aluminum and others.

Carolyn’s service to the arts include a position on the Trust Council for the National Trust of the Cayman Islands; chairmanship of the Cayman Islands 1980 National Festival, “Pirates Week”; and extensive work for the Jamaica Festival Commission.

Carolyn possesses a sense of humor, delights in learning and on occasion has been seen dancing while painting. Stimulated by her experiences, music and emotions she feels compelled to portray her feelings in two or three dimensions.

September 2011

*Please note that the title of both books reflect the British spelling of the word color.


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